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GLS - API : Automated order submission and package point selector

GLS - API : Automated order submission and package point selector

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With the GLS module, GLS parcel point (except Serbia) and home delivery delivery methods will be available to your customers.  Supported countries: Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia.

Module customization

The module can only be used on a specified website. Please enter the URL of the website where you want to use the module.

250 char. max

Change log

1.5.2 Version

  • GLS Serbia content and senderIdentificationNumber fields

1.5.1 Version

  • Cron for deleting old parcels

1.5.0 Version

  • GLS Serbia support

1.4.7 Version

  • Logging

1.4.5, 1.4.6 Version

  • Bug fixes

1.4.4 Version

  • GLS parcel terminal and GLS parcel point separation

1.4.2 Version

  • Remote status check

1.4.1 Version

  • Bulk order submission and label printing

1.4.0 Version

  • PrestaShop 8 compatibility 

1.3.5 Version

  • Enable/disable GLS parcel point on map
  • Enable/Disable GLS vending on map 

1.3.2-1.3.4 Version

  • Fixes

1.3.1 Version

  • Címke küldése emailben
  • Csomagszám beküldése

1.2.5 Version

  • Sending the address of the parcel collection point instead of the customer's address

1.2.4 Version

  • Minor bug fix

1.2.3 Version

  • Minor bug fix

1.2.2 Version

  • Duplicate GLS map bug fix

1.2.1 Version

  • Postpaid payment method flagging on configuration page

1.2.0 Version

  • FDS service submission to GLS
  • Submit FSS service to GLS

1.1.2 Version

  •  Prestashop compatibility

With the GLS module, GLS Parcel Point and GLS Home Delivery delivery will be available to your customers. The module requires registration at The module can be installed from the back office, just like all other modules.

After installing the module, you will need to go to the configuration page and set the required authentication details in order for the module to communicate with the GLS API.

It is also possible to use SANDBOX authentication for preliminary testing, but in this case a test user account is required.

The steps to access the data required for authentication are described in the documentation, so you can set up the module without any serious technical knowledge.

The module can also be used without authentication data, in which case only the Google Maps Api Key is required, which is essential in order to display the map listing the parcel points on the checkout page.

After successful setup, the payment page will display the delivery methods created by the module.

On the orders page, you can see a new block where the parcel can be sent and, if available, you can download the label returned by GLS. 

A separate page is available to list all parcels delivered via GLS delivery, which can be accessed with one click from the BackOffice.

On the dedicated page, it is possible to filter packages by several parameters and to download labels in bulk.

Elérhető funkciók:

  • Show pick-up points on the order page
  • Separate block in the admin interface to display GLS delivery information
  • A block on the admin order page for submitting orders to GLS.
  • Automatic submission of orders when order status changes
  • Separate menu (summary page) to list GLS orders
  • Bulk label download
  • Additional services
  • SMS services with automatic phone number conversion (GLS only accepts phone numbers in international format)


  • Download the module
  • Go to the shop admin page
  • Go to the Modules tab
  • Click on the Add Module button and select the downloaded file from your computer
  • Install the module
  • Go to the module configuration page


  • PHP 7.0 or higher
  • cURL module enabled
  • mbstring plugin enabled
  • SSL enabled
  • To obtain the credentials to submit packages, please visit

Data sheet

PrestaShop 8
Prestashop 1.7
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