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Website as a phone app

Website as a phone app

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A module to integrate PWA, also recommended by Google. The module helps to increase speed and Google presence (SEO).

Module customization

The module can only be used on a specified website. Please enter the URL of the website where you want to use the module.

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Change log

1.0.0 Version

  • Deploy a website as an app on mobile devices
  • Progressive Web App integration
  • Service worker integration
  • Caching images on client side
  • JS/CSS caching on client side


  • No App Store / Play Store required to install the app(website)
  • No need to develop native Android and iOS apps in addition to the web app, which makes it cheaper and faster to launch
  • Search engines make it much easier and faster to reach users than a native app that can be installed from stores
  • They require minimal maintenance compared to native applications, because there is nothing to do when a newer version of the operating systems is released. 

"PWA, or Progressive Web Application, is a technology that makes it relatively easy to make web-based applications platform-independent. It is designed to allow apps created with standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS) to run in the browser, not only in the browser, but also as an application on devices, especially mobile devices. "

The module allows the PrestaShop website to be deployed as an app on mobile devices, and thanks to client-side caching, navigation on the website can be seamless even on poor internet.

How the module works

After installing the module, the first step is to go to the configuration page and enter the information needed to build the Progressive Web App, such as the PWA name (website name), description and a logo for identification. 

After successful setup, the website will be available for installation on mobile devices. A pop-up window will notify the user of the availability of the PWA.

Once installed, the website will be available and can be opened as an app from the user's phone.

In addition to this, the website also scores a positive PWA in the Google Lighthouse test.


Data sheet

Prestashop 1.7
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