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Unique order identifier

Unique order identifier

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Customize the order ID based on a formula of your choice. It will be much easier to track orders if their IDs have a specific pattern.

Module customization

The module can only be used on a specified website. Please enter the URL of the website where you want to use the module.

250 char. max

Change log

1.0.0 Version

  • Unique order identifier based on a specific formula
  • Maximum length of order ID increased from 9 to 99 characters
  • Order ID can be added to the formula
  • Cart ID can be added to the formula
  • Store ID can be added to the formula
  • Shipping/billing address IDs can be added to the order
  • Customer ID can be added to the formula
  • Random number can be added to the formula
  • Random string can be added to the formula

How the module works

After installing the module, you will be taken to the configuration page where you will need to enter the formula to create a new ID. To create the formula, you can use the identifiers used in PrestaShop shown on the page.

After a successful save, as long as the module is powered on, the order ID will be created in the subfield of the entered formula.

The image below shows an order(ID) where all available variables have been used.


Data sheet

Prestashop 1.7
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